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Loading Up Your ATV’s while Nursing a Beer – Good Day Gone Bad

A lot of guys and gals with pickup trucks see an aftermarket accessory product they like, they buy it and install it on their truck.  Most of the time, everything fits, functions and looks great.  However, every once in a while, it can turn into a nightmare when you have an uneducated driver behind the wheel.  Therefore, it’s best to educate yourself about your truck.  Let’s face it, if you’re going to trick out your truck, use your head and do the research instead of just tunnel visioning in on how bad ass your truck is going to look.  This way you won’t look like one of those idiots at the lake who doesn’t know how to dock his boat or back up his trailer and who gets pissed off at his wife for leaving the empty beer cans on the floor of his truck.

Ok now that we’re thinking straight, let’s look at a particular example of what NOT to do.

You just bought 2 new ATV’s.  Big wheelbases and heavy.  You’ve heard about the Diamondback ATV Series Package for pickup trucks, the most popular and absolutely the most superior product of its class.   You want to buy one, load up your ATV’s on your truck, hook up the boat and head out.  Everything looks like it’s going to work out just perfectly and you can show off your new toys.  You’ve planned your trip, everybody’s been invited.  You’re all fired up.  The Diamondback ATV package gets dropped in your driveway, you spend the afternoon installing it (installs in 20 minutes or less, but if you’ve got the garage door open, music cranked and a beer in your hands, it’ll be an afternoon job).  After you get the locking rods dialed in and it fits as tight as a glove, you mount the bars and rails, test out the ramps and get ready to load up the ATV’s, day-dreaming of next weekend.  The Diamondback installation job is done, you decide to clean out the boat instead of mounting the ATV’s, you’ll do it tomorrow morning.

One of your buddies says to you while you’re nursing your beer and boasting about your new atv cover package… “Hey dude, what about your suspension?  Are you gonna be able to pull your boat while you’ve got two heavy machines on top of your truck and a bed full of cargo?”

At first, you say to yourself, “oh yeah, no problem”…then the stress and worry just start eating away at your ego.  Your buddy is now nursing one of your beers, laughing.  You don’t know what to say, so you try to keep it positive.  You put the ramps back up on the truck, and you start to load up one of your machines.  Looks okay but once the second ATV goes up, the suspension just drops and the back of the truck is sagging big time.  You feel like a complete idiot.  How in God’s name are you possibly going to be able to face all your friends with a sagging back end?  Your buddy slams the rest of his beer, grabs another one out of your fridge, and says that his neighbor just installed his Diamondback cover on his truck and he had installed Super Springs and done some other minor tweaks to his suspension and the ATV’s loaded up fine and looked great, and by the way he’ll be at the lake next weekend with his truck.

Your ego has been crushed beyond comprehension.  You can’t do the trip, you just can’t.  You’ll be the laughing stock of the trip.  You could have some suspension work done, but you blew all your credit and your wife went shopping and tapped out the remaining available balance on supplies for the trip.  Basically, you’re done.

Who knows how this trip ended, but the simple solution is this.  If you’re adding accessories to your vehicle, especially high-end aftermarket products, make sure you work your way down to the street level on how your truck will be impacted from an efficiency point of view and use your common sense.  Call your dealer and your truck’s manufacturer, ask questions, get facts and you’ll be sippin’ proudly, prepared.

If you’d like more information on how to trick out your truck with products such as the Diamondback Truck Cover for pickup trucks, give us a shout or send us an email today.   Graham Solutions guarantees the lowest price nationwide and the best personalized customer service in the industry today.  Call for a free quote, mention this ad and get another $50 off.

The Diamondback ATV Series Package can be viewed here

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