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Pickup Truck Bed Cargo Net Security – Locking Tie Down Straps

The Lockstrap is a revolutionary new cargo net security device and combination cable lock combo that is perfect for the outdoorsman from any industry looking for a quick fix when leaving his stuff unattended for a short time, either in the back of his truck, on his motorcycle, bicycle or anywhere he might find himsel outside with some important gear in hand.

Your new wingman the Lockstrap can be used for really anything, it’s definitely not limited to open pickup truck beds and comes with some really cool accessories available.  The Lockstrap can be used for motorcycles, cars, horses, atv’s, etc…the list goes on and on.

The basic unit the Locking Tie Down Strap is a perfect complement to for example the cargocatch, if you have an open bed and are not using a snake cable in the optional holes that you can drill in the cargocatch rods.  Just use the Locking Tie Down Strap in conjunction with the grommets on the cargocatch tabs, loop the strap throught the anchor(s) in your truck bed, close up shop, spin the combo and you’re good to go.  Each carabiner is 6.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

If you do not want someone to loosen the Lockstraps after you secure something, tie the left over strap behind the sliding clasp (as many times as needed to get rid of slack) then put the last loop inside the carabiner along with the other loop.  Chances are, your cargo net or other cargo device in bed of your truck will be secure because of the deterrent factor of this product.  Sporting braided steel in the webbing, the thing is impossible to cut through and by the time the crook breaks out the tools, you’ve already rung his neck with your spare Soft-Tie Down Strap:)~!

The great thing about the Lockstrap is that you can use it in conjunction with a truck cargo net, especially our loop net.  Reason is, once you crank down your net in the truck, just take the lockstraps lock the cargo net in with your bed anchors.

Tie Down + Theft Security = Peace of mind!!

  • 8.5ft long with a soft tie extension included for no scratching
  • Two #64 hardened steel (Heat Treated) combination locking carabiners
  • 8 Braided stainless steel cable inside full length of strap
  • Beefy galvanized steel rivets to detour theft, 500lb working load
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Accessories Available:

Extra Soft-Tie Extension – Extend the Lockstrap without scratching your stuff! Great for street bikes and cruisers, 8 Braided stainless steel cable inside full length of strap, 3 Feet long soft extension for no scratching

Lockwraps – These neoprene covers are designed as blankets to keep ice and snow out of the locks. Sold in packs of two (Velcro).

Storage Bar Bag – is item is designed to carry your Lockstrap or any other items you might want to get your hands on. (Phone wallet keys etc…) The bag is 11 inches long and 6 inches wide. It is padded with insulation. It connects to anything as it has 2 LARGE Velcro straps to secure the Lockstraps bag!

Air Transfer Hose – This item is designed to transfer air from one tire to another. Let’s say you are driving in the middle of nowhere and you get a flat tire. You grab your spare tire only to find that it is out of air. This hose will allow you to transfer air from all three of your other tires to equalize your flat tire until you can get to a safe area. This will work for auto, boat, bicycle, motorcycle, or any other purpose that uses the same air connection. The hose is 16 feet long for ease of use and only weighs one pound. Perfect to keep in a camel pack if riding power sports or bicycling.

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