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Reach E-Z Truck Bed Extendable Reacher

extends from 5-7'
All Pickups, Vans, Boats
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$34.95 (Save 19%)

Optional Flashlight
Optional Scraper

Product Description

A truck bed is fantastic for hauling things. But it's horrible to unload. Jumping in, hopping down, crawling back, reaching, pulling,it's a hassle that leads to soar knees and a strained back. But there's a smarter way, the Reach E-Z allows to you safely and easily pull items towards you for fast unloading. Reach E-Z is the best accessory your truck will ever have.

  • Expandable from 5- to 7-feet
  • The perfect snow removal tool
  • Pull up to 100lbs.
  • Rust resistant aluminum construction
  • Hook shaped end
  • Includes snow brush attachment
  • Lifetime warranty on yellow tip
  • 1-year warranty on handle

    **Also available to attach to the " Reach E-Z Truck Bed Extendable Reacher" is the FLASHLIGHT which clips onto the Reach E-Z handle to help make it easier to see under tonneaus, toppers, and lids. The SCRAPER is available also to attach to the threaded connector on the end of the Reach E-Z handle which has a ridged edge for loosening ice and a smooth edge for scraping ice. PLEASE CONTACT WITH REGARDS TO THESE ITEMS!**

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    • No matter how many bungee cords you use, it is never easy to get a tight fit.
    • Flexible, and weather-resistant cover that adheres to the truck without leaving any residue!
    • Our Bedder Covers are better! Any size truck. Any size load.


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