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Gladiator Mesh Tarp

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Gladiator Nets are known for their quality and strength, and the tarps that share the Gladiator name don't compromise that reputation. Gladiator Mesh Tarps are tough, durable, and sporty-looking pickup bed tarps that hold whatever you're hauling in place. From yard waste to camping equipment, nothing escapes the tight grip of a Gorilla Mesh Tarp. They're available in five different sizes to let you choose that one that's right for your vehicle, but every one of them delivers the rugged durability that's become synonymous with the Gorilla name. Be sure to enlarge the photo to the left to see multiple Gorilla Mesh Tarp images.


Small: 4.75' x 6' - Designed for 5-foot truck beds. Tarp features 22 grommets

Medium: 6.75' x 8' - Designed for 6-foot truck beds. Tarp features 26 grommets

Large: 8.75' x 10' - Designed for 7-foot truck beds. Tarp features 34 grommets

Extra Large: 10' x 12' - Designed for 10-foot truck beds. Tarp features 36 grommets

XX Large: 10' x 16' - Designed for 14-foot truck beds. Tarp features 44 grommets

COLOR: Black

  • Gladiator Mesh Tarps are manufactured using the toughest manufacturing standards.
  • Tarps are available in five sizes to fit any pickup truck bed size.
  • Tarps feature commercial-grade mounting hardware for added security.
  • Easy to install and remove; anchoring hooks are included.
  • Durable design helps every tarp withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • All nets come with a money-back, 90-day warranty and a 4-piece hardware set.

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  • 60" x 78" Bungee Truck Net

    60" x 78" Bungee Truck Net

    • Bungee Truck Nets fit all pickup truck bed sizes.
    • Knotted mesh material is fray-resistant.
    • Durable material stays strong in extreme weather conditions.
    • All mounting hardware is included.
    • All nets come with a limited one-year warranty.

    SKU: 95005
  • Diamondback HD Full Size Short Bed/Crew Cab & Midsize

    Diamondback HD Full Size Short Bed/Crew Cab &...

    • Deck: 3003 alloy brite aluminum tread plate, a full .100" thick (compare to toolboxes 0.063")
    • All stainless external hardware
    • 7 Aluminum Box Channel Supports
    • All interior hardware is zinc-plated steel
    • Panels are secured by four 3/8” deadbolt style locking rods directly under the bedrails of the truck

  • Step-Gate


    • Installs in Minutes, Quick Release
    • Constructed of 1” square steel
    • Powder coated black
    • Does not interfere with tailgate function
    • Supports 400 lbs
    • Flips into bed when tailgate closed to secure tall or long objects

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  • Entertainment Organizer - 6 Pack

    Entertainment Organizer - 6 Pack

    • Easy to reach – simply hangs from the headrest
    • Removable cord keeps organizer close to the seat
    • Heavy-duty pack cloth withstand daily use
    • 1 pocket for standard box of tissues
    • 3 pockets hold CDs& DVDs, electronic players, games and toys
    • 4 mesh pockets for gum, mints, snacks, crayons

  • Loop-Cable Cargo Anchor

    Loop-Cable Cargo Anchor

    • Fast and easy to install in any truck bed.
    • Offered multiple options for securing
    • Strong and durable
    • Easily removed if/when needed
    • Requires four corner anchor points in the truck bed.
    • Affordable
    • 21 feet of 1/8 inch Stainless Steel Cable with Aluminum Sleeves & Stops.
    • Ten Cargo Tie Down Loops.
    • Cable straight line pull working load 350 pounds.
    • 4 Stainless Steel U-Bolts.
    • Cable & U-bolts (wire rope clips) are made in China to US specifications for Stainless Steel

    SKU: 300JO
  • Bakflip CS

    Bakflip CS

    • Integrated Tonneau and Rack
    • Sliding Rack/Rail System
    • Works with BakBox
    • Sliding Load Locks
    • Sliding Tie Downs

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  • Honeycomb Headache Rack

    Honeycomb Headache Rack

    • 1/8" Rust Free Mirror Finish Aluminum
    • Honeycomb Mesh Design
    • Gas Assisted Shocks
    • Tapered Design
    • Optional LED Lights
    • Mounts, Brackets & Trays
    SKU: 40XX-XXX
  • Fire Truck Hose Net

    Fire Truck Hose Net

    • Made out of tough 1" 3K lb poly webbing
    • Working load capacity of webbing is approx. 1K lbs.
    • White stitching used at cross sections for visibility
    • Uses custom anchors in place and D-ring attachments with cam buckle tensioners
    • made to order, lead time is about 2 weeks

  • Agricover Access Tonnosport Roll-Up Cover

    Agricover Access Tonnosport Roll-Up Cover

  • The Access Tonnosport Roll-Up Cover Gives You A Sleek, Low Profile Look At A Great Low Price. When Closed, The Tonnosport Roll-Up Sits A Mere 1/2" Above The Truck Box - Virtually Disappearing Before Your Eyes From The Side Or Rear Profiles. The Cover Is Lockable And Rolls Up Out Of The Way For Easy Access To The Truck Bed. There Is No Need For Removal When Hauling Larger Items In The Truck Bed. The Access Tonnosport Roll-Up Cover Fits Your Lifestyle, Your Truck And Your Budget.

  • SKU: Access-x6

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