Tuff Truck Cargo Bag for pickup bed waterproof luggage storage
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Tuff Truck Cargo Bag

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Product Description

We’ve had so many customers over the years ask us if we have a large waterproof cargo cover or cargo bag for the back of pickup trucks that will keep luggage and other items dry during transport, if it rains. There are many people out there who may temporarily need a bit of extra waterproof storage space for the back of their truck, especially when they hit the road for vacation and they don’t use a truck cover. Finally, that day has come. We would like to introduce you to the patented Tuff Truck Bag, a huge cargo bag for the back of your truck or other vehicles, which holds a ton of stuff.

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  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • 40" wide x 50" long x 22" tall
  • Holds 26 cubic feet of space
  • Heat fusion & epoxy sealed seams
  • Triple fold flap to cover and shield zipper
  • Heavy Duty to withstand the elements
  • Lightweight & collapsible for easy storage
  • Comes with storage tote bag
  • Heavy duty rings to secure the bag to any truck
  • 4 adjustable bungee cords included

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    • Safari Rack 5" Stanchion

      Safari Rack 5" Stanchion

      • Basket is 5" deep
      • Durable black powder coat finish
      • Easily assembled, no drilling required
      • Crossbars included
      • Fits any factory rack (call for specifics)
      • Must have adapter to attach to vehicle
      • Available in numerous sizes

      SKU: S65100SUVxx
    • Load Handler

      Load Handler

      • Padded brackets and tie-down straps secure the LOADHANDLER® to any tailgate
      • Installs or removes in about a minute.
      • The LOADHANDLER® consists of a heavy-gauge poly fabric rolled onto a steel bar that runs the length of the tailgate.
      • To load, just unroll the dragsheet to cover your truck bed.
      • To unload, lower the tailgate, insert the crank handle into the end of the roller bar and rewind the dragsheet.
      • The LOADHANDLER® unloads your cargo in as little as 30 seconds.

      SKU: LHX000X
    • Double Mat

      Double Mat

      • The rubber side provides a non-slip surface to stabilize cargo.
      • The HDPE side provides a low friction surface that reduces the effort required to load/unload cargo.
      • The DOUBL-MAT® is ideal for use with all Loadhandler® pickup truck unloaders.
      • The DOUBL-MAT® HDPE surface reduces the Loadhandler® crank force and is ideal for trucks with damaged beds or loads over 1500 lbs

      SKU: DM1
    • Gladiator Mesh Tarp

      Gladiator Mesh Tarp

      • Gladiator Mesh Tarps are manufactured using the toughest manufacturing standards.
      • Tarps are available in five sizes to fit any pickup truck bed size.
      • Tarps feature commercial-grade mounting hardware for added security.
      • Easy to install and remove; anchoring hooks are included.
      • Durable design helps every tarp withstand extreme weather conditions.
      • All nets come with a money-back, 90-day warranty and a 4-piece hardware set.

      SKU: MT-100
    • Gorilla Net Tie Down Straps 2-pack

      Gorilla Net Tie Down Straps 2-pack

      • Straps adjust to reach from 3' to 6' in length.
      • Gorilla Net Tie-Down Straps are constructed of commercial-grade vinyl.
      • Straps are equipped with quick-snap hooks and adjustable cam buckles.
      • All Gorilla Net products come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

      SKU: ADH-100
    • Gladiator Rubicon Interior Net

      Gladiator Rubicon Interior Net

      • Gladiator Cargo Nets are manufactured applying fierce quality in manufacturing standards.
      • Keeps outdoor gear in the vehicle and off the trail
      • Can also be used on or in small utility trailers
      • 1.5' HD webbing rated at 1200 lbs/sq in.
      • HD rip stop fabric rated at 278lbs/sq in.
      • Triple layered reinforced edges
      • 56 grommet anchoring points
      • 4.75 x 5.25' total, mesh 49 x 47"
      • certified working load 1500 lbs
      • 4-piece hardware set & storage bag included, 1-year limited warranty

      SKU: GRN-100
    • Firewood Trailer Cargo Net

      Firewood Trailer Cargo Net

      • Firewood Trailer Nets are hand-made in the USA, Texas to be specific
      • Hold cargo in place on your wood trailer.
      • Created from heavy duty black 10K lb breaking strength seatbelt webbing, 3300lb working load
      • 90x124", 8" mesh, multiple heavy duty hardware adjustments with tails, ratchets, see photos and drawing
      • some adjustments are D-rings with cinch straps and others with ratchets and D-rings
      • All nets come with a money-back, 90-day warranty but will outlive you for sure

    • Work Truck Tailgate Net 92 x 48"

      Work Truck Tailgate Net 92 x 48"

      • Work Truck Tailgate Nets are manufactured by Graham Custom Truck Accessories.
      • Heavy-duty construction to restrain most if not all cargo depending on mesh size
      • Nets can be custom-made in any size or color, this particular net can be adjusted to a larger space
      • All Graham Custom cargo nets are made in the USA.
      • These nets are constructed of 2" heavy duty webbing and 2" hardware that is extremely strong

      SKU: CN-MCDS
    • Weatherproof Cargo Net

      Weatherproof Cargo Net

      • The cut, tear, and abrasion resistant Para-Shield tarp easily glides over and conforms around truck bed cargo. Tape sealed seams prevent water from passing through the tarp.
      • Angled attachment points allow the bungee-style net to independently stretch in all directions. The individual bungees of the net slide along the outer bungee loop in order to best position the net around the load.
      • Relocatable plastic hooks allow the Weatherproof Cargo Net to fit all size truck beds; full size, mid size, and compact.
      • The Weatherproof Cargo Net also works great on utility trailers.
      SKU: 100T60

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