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Diamondback Accessories

Diamondback Accessories

Diamondback Truck Cover Accessories ship at no charge with the purchase of any regular truck cover package, including ATV packages. If you are purchasing these accessories separately, you should call us for a shipping quote. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding all Diamondback Truck Cover Packages and accessories.

  • Rugged Black Finish

    Rugged Black Finish

    The toughest covers on the market with the toughest coating in the world.

    Rugged Black is a spray-on, protective polyurea elastomer coating which gives DiamondBack Truck Covers a bold new look.

    High-Strength Protection

    After trying paint and powder coat to customize the look of our truck covers, we found that neither of these finishes would stand up to the heavy-duty ways DiamondBack customers use their covers. Rugged Black, however, uses the latest spray-on coating technology that millions of pickup truck owners have chosen to protect their truck beds for its ability to seal out rust and corrosion and for its lasting durability.

    OEM Looks

    Not only is this black coating known for its durability, it's also known for its looks. This protective coating is strong, durable, and UV-stable, so you'll keep that perfect mix of strength and a tough black semi-gloss look. Rugged Black will look great on your DiamondBack for years to come.

    SKU: RBFx
    Fits: all covers
    $300.00 $415.00
  • Diamondback Cab Guard - Low Profile

    Diamondback Cab Guard - Low Profile

    • 1/8” aluminum tread plate gussets
    • 6063 square tube frame
    • expanded aluminum body
    • all stainless hardware
    • Dimensions: model specific width, 8” OA height

    SKU: CG
    Fits: model specific width, 8” OA height
    $199.00 $275.00
  • Diamondback HD Cab Guard

    Diamondback HD Cab Guard

    • 1/8” aluminum tread plate gussets
    • 6063 square tube frame
    • expanded aluminum body
    • all stainless hardware
    • Brake light opening
    • Model-specific width and height
    • Capacity: 200 lbs.

    Fits: capacity 200 lbs
    $349.00 $483.34
  • Diamondback Ladder Rack

    Diamondback Ladder Rack


    • 7 Ga. Steel Base Plates
    • 1 5/8” O.D. 14-Gauge Steel Uprights
    • 6061-T6 Aluminum Cross Bars (removable)
    • Load Rating: 500 lbs.
    • No Rust – Aluminum Cross Bars (powder coated)
    • 18” Rigid Base Plates

    SKU: LR
    Fits: Full Size Trucks
    $499.00 $690.00
  • Diamondback Rear Ladder Rack

    Diamondback Rear Ladder Rack


    • 1.25" Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe Frame
    • 350 lb. load capacity
    • expanded aluminum body

    SKU: RLR
    Fits: Full Size Trucks - Mounts on Top of Cover
    $199.00 $275.00
  • Diamondback Ladder Rack Cab Guard

    Diamondback Ladder Rack Cab Guard


    • 6063 Aluminum Square Tube Frame
    • Heavy Duty Expanded Aluminum Body
    • Stainless Steel Hardwar
    • Folds down for Cab Panel Access
    • Spring pin locks cab guard to cross bar of rack

    Fits: Full Size Trucks
    $399.00 $551.67
  • Diamondback Side Boxes (2)

    Diamondback Side Boxes (2)

    • Construction: 1/8” Diamondplate
    • 24"L x 9"W x 7"D (Longbed)
    • 18"L x 9"W x 7"D (Shortbed)
    • Includes: Stainless hardware; sold in pairs

    SKU: SB2
    Fits: All Trucks
    $199.00 $275.00
  • Diamondback 4-Pack Cargo Cleats

    Diamondback 4-Pack Cargo Cleats

    • 4-pack of cleats is a must on an SE cover
    • HD cover comes with 12 cleats pre-installed
    • Perfect tie down locations for any type of tie down rope
    • Black against Chrome looks great

    SKU: 4PCC
    Fits: Any Diamondback Cover
    $37.14 $40.00
  • CargoCatch Pickup Truck Bed Organizer

    CargoCatch Pickup Truck Bed Organizer

    • CargoCatch Pickup Truck Bed Organizers are manufactured by Graham Custom Truck Accessories.
    • Nets are available in two sizes to fit any size pickup truck bed.
    • Organize and restrain small cargo in the bed of your truck.
    • Easy to install and remove; no drilling or tools required.
    • Durable design helps every net withstand extreme weather conditions.
    • All nets come with a money-back, 90-day warranty.

    SKU: 4200L
    Fits: All Medium & Full Size Trucks, call for specifics
    $99.00 $149.00
  • Truck Bed Wrap Cover

    Truck Bed Wrap Cover

  • Ever need to cover the bed of your pickup?
  • Hard and soft permanent covers are too expensive and large items - like that sofa - won't fit!
  • The most common non-permanent covers on the market today are blue tarps, which are hard to use, flap in the wind, and rarely keep your goods dry.
  • No matter how many bungee cords you use, it is never easy to get a tight fit.
  • Flexible, and weather-resistant cover that adheres to the truck without leaving any residue!
  • Our Bedder Covers are better! Any size truck. Any size load.

    Fits: fits any pickup truck bed
    $35.00 $39.00