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Bed Accessories

Bed Accessories

Graham Custom Truck Accessories is a developer and manufacturer of new and innovative truck bed accessory products. In this section, you'll find some of the coolest inventions for truck bed accessory products you'll ever see. Got a new product you'd like to market? Contact us to add your stuff to our truck bed accessory section!!

  • CargoCatch Pickup Truck Bed Organizer

    CargoCatch Pickup Truck Bed Organizer

    • CargoCatch Pickup Truck Bed Organizers are manufactured by Graham Custom Truck Accessories.
    • Nets are available in two sizes to fit any size pickup truck bed.
    • Organize and restrain small cargo in the bed of your truck.
    • Easy to install and remove; no drilling or tools required.
    • Durable design helps every net withstand extreme weather conditions.
    • All nets come with a money-back, 90-day warranty.

    SKU: 4200L
    Fits: All Medium & Full Size Trucks, call for specifics
    $99.00 $149.00
  • Keywords Systems Key Identification Stickers - 10-pack

    Keywords Systems Key Identification Stickers - 10-pack

    • Keywords Systems key stickers are tough to handle all sorts of conditions, just clean your keys before applying
    • Identify all your keys much quicker and efficiently, it all starts to click after awhile and your key moves are faster
    • Reduce stress from saying things like "God damnit I can't find that freaking key" thus reducing medical costs in the future
    • Hand the stickers out to your friends and family, especially the stickers you don't use, there are hundreds of options on each card
    • Help to keep your family safe
    • Available only in 10-packs. If you need a quote on more, just call us 619-761-0716 ask for Bill

    Fits: all keys, just make sure to clean your keys first with isopropyl alcohol
    $70.83 $100.00
  • Loading Zone Original Cargo Gate

    Loading Zone Original Cargo Gate

    • Simply lift, lock and load for a perfect cargo divider
    • Keep everything from camping gear to fishing gear to groceries and small packages in place
    • Versatile Cargo Gate divides from the bottom cargo area to the top of the rails with no assembly or mounting hardware
    • Non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel components for extended service
    • Not available for step side models
    • Includes CrewCab, Access Cab, Quad, Extended Cab, Xtracab and Double Cab models
    • 1302 Fits Over Track

    SKU: LZCG1
    Fits: look to bottom right for sizing
    $119.99 $169.95
  • Step-Gate


    • Installs in Minutes, Quick Release
    • Constructed of 1” square steel
    • Powder coated black
    • Does not interfere with tailgate function
    • Supports 400 lbs
    • Flips into bed when tailgate closed to secure tall or long objects

    SKU: SG
    Fits: All Pickups
    $89.00 $129.99
  • Truck Bed Wrap Cover

    Truck Bed Wrap Cover

  • Ever need to cover the bed of your pickup?
  • Hard and soft permanent covers are too expensive and large items - like that sofa - won't fit!
  • The most common non-permanent covers on the market today are blue tarps, which are hard to use, flap in the wind, and rarely keep your goods dry.
  • No matter how many bungee cords you use, it is never easy to get a tight fit.
  • Flexible, and weather-resistant cover that adheres to the truck without leaving any residue!
  • Our Bedder Covers are better! Any size truck. Any size load.

    Fits: fits any pickup truck bed
    $35.00 $39.00
  • Tuff Truck Cargo Bag

    Tuff Truck Cargo Bag

  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • 40" wide x 50" long x 22" tall
  • Holds 26 cubic feet of space
  • Heat fusion & epoxy sealed seams
  • Triple fold flap to cover and shield zipper
  • Heavy Duty to withstand the elements
  • Lightweight & collapsible for easy storage
  • Comes with storage tote bag
  • Heavy duty rings to secure the bag to any truck
  • 4 adjustable bungee cords included

    Fits: All Trucks
    $169.95 $199.95
  • Undercover SwingCase

    Undercover SwingCase

    • Easy on, easy off, without using any tools. Take your gear with you - it even stands upright on its own.
    • The secure, versatile TWIST-LOCK allows you to open your SwingCase with or without a key.
    • The SwingCase allows full use of the truck bed, and swings your gear right out to you.
    • Provides easy access from the back of the tailgate... No reaching!.

    SKU: SCxxxx
    Fits: all bed lengths and cabs, some restrictions apply, call with questions
    $219.00 $249.90
  • Moto-Gate


  • Moto-Gate is the original webbed tailgate for pickup trucks and trailers.
  • Nets can also be used to secure loads in nearly any cargo area.
  • Easy to install and remove; no drilling or tools required.
  • Durable design helps Moto-Gate cargo nets withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • SKU: MTO-05-100
    Fits: trucks, vans, utv's, atv's, motos
    $69.95 $79.95
  • Load Handler

    Load Handler

    • Padded brackets and tie-down straps secure the LOADHANDLER® to any tailgate
    • Installs or removes in about a minute.
    • The LOADHANDLER® consists of a heavy-gauge poly fabric rolled onto a steel bar that runs the length of the tailgate.
    • To load, just unroll the dragsheet to cover your truck bed.
    • To unload, lower the tailgate, insert the crank handle into the end of the roller bar and rewind the dragsheet.
    • The LOADHANDLER® unloads your cargo in as little as 30 seconds.

    SKU: LH20001
    Fits: Midsize and Full Size Trucks
    $99.00 $199.00
  • Bull Ring - Retractable Tie Downs

    Bull Ring - Retractable Tie Downs

    • Mounts in stake pocket in 30 seconds with a Phillips Screwdriver
    • No drilling
    • Snaps up when you need it
    • Snaps down flush when not in use
    • 1000 lb capacity
    • Made with stainless steel
    • Made with OEM plastic top match trim
    • Warranted for the life of the truck

    SKU: 4001
    $29.95 $44.95
  • Loop-Cable Cargo Anchor

    Loop-Cable Cargo Anchor

    • Requires four corner anchor points in the truck bed
    • 21 feet of 1/8 inch Stainless Steel Cable with Aluminum Sleeves & Stops
    • Ten Cargo Tie Down Loops
    • Cable straight line pull working load 350 pounds
    • 4 Stainless Steel U-Bolts
    • Cable & U-bolts (wire rope clips) are made in China to US specifications for Stainless Steel

    SKU: 300JO
    Fits: Any truck with four anchor points
    $24.99 $29.98
  • Rockinator Tailgate Gap Cover

    Rockinator Tailgate Gap Cover

    • One size fits all truck bed tailgate gaps
    • Perfect for keeping your blood pressure down when raking out rocks, gravel, wood chips or any other material from your truck bed
    • Keep your tailgate gap free from buildup of rocks and gravel in addition to protecting your paint
    • Made from heavy duty uv resistant 500D Nylon, commercial grade 2" webbing and adhesive hook & loop fastener
    • Adjustable to any truck size
    • Questions? Need a quote on quantity? Email

    SKU: TGP07
    Fits: All Pickups
    $79.00 $99.00
  • Truck Bed Bike Rack

    Truck Bed Bike Rack

    • Folding design allows for quick assembly and easy installation
    • Secure your bikes with the included lockable cable.
    • One size fits both compact and full-size pick-ups.
    • Extends from 54.5" to 66.6" without spacer. Extends from 60.5" to 72.5" with full-size spacer.
    • No drilling or tools needed
    • Assembles quickly and installs in minutes

    SKU: 2025
    Fits: compact and full size trucks
    $149.95 $169.95
  • Reach E-Z Truck Bed Extendable Reacher

    Reach E-Z Truck Bed Extendable Reacher

    • Extends to approx 7'
    • Measures approx 5' when not extended
    • The perfect snow removal tool
    • Super tough adjustable yellow tip for getting under bottom lipped buckets
    • Fits all bed lengths
    • Works on all types of beds & bedliners
    • Easy access under toppers, tonneaus & lids
    • Will easily handle objects over 100 lbs & EASY INSTALLATION OVER WHEELWELL

    SKU: 70088
    Fits: All Pickups, Vans, Boats
    $34.95 $42.95