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Load Handler

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Spare yourself the backbreaking work of unloading rock, gravel, firewood, sand, trash, mulch, dirt, yard waste, equipment, hay bales, feed bags, manure, roofing shingles, furniture or anything else you may haul in your pickup. Finish jobs faster with LOADHANDLER®.

The 2200 is a bit stronger than the 2000. The Roller Bar is in 3 pieces connected by steel slugs, is in a smaller box and a bit cheaper to ship. Dragsheet and roller are assembled by customer. Unit unloads 2200 lbs instead of 2000 lbs.

The LH3000 fits any Full-Size pickup (excluding step-sides and Toyota T-100 & Tundra 2006 & older), and is especially suited for 3/4-ton and 1-ton pickups. Perfect for commercial applications. Also frequently adapted for use on trailer, but modifications by consumer may be required

The LH3000 works the same as the LH2000 but is substantially "beefier" with steel brackets and buckles, factory-installed sealed ball-bearings, a heavy-duty "drive-dog" housing for handle insertion, and solid-steel ends on the Roller Bar. The dragsheet is the same ripstop Polypropylene weave as on the LH2000, but 2 inches wider.

  • Padded brackets and tie-down straps secure the LOADHANDLER® to any tailgate
  • Installs or removes in about a minute.
  • The LOADHANDLER® consists of a heavy-gauge poly fabric rolled onto a steel bar that runs the length of the tailgate.
  • To load, just unroll the dragsheet to cover your truck bed.
  • To unload, lower the tailgate, insert the crank handle into the end of the roller bar and rewind the dragsheet.
  • The LOADHANDLER® unloads your cargo in as little as 30 seconds.

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  • Al's Liner 1 Gallon Kit - (spray gun not included)

    Al's Liner 1 Gallon Kit - (spray gun not included)

    • The 1st Do-It-Yourself Spray-On Protective Coating
    • Used for Truck Beds, Underbodies, Wheel Wells and Interior
    • Also good for sound deadener if need be
    • Acrylic-Polyurethane Lining used for many applications

    SKU: 1GKBLKxx
  • Jeep Unlimited Rear Cover Cargo Net

    Jeep Unlimited Rear Cover Cargo Net

    • Made of 1" nylon webbing
    • Reinforced Sewing with Industrial Polyester Thread
    • Available in Any Size or Any Material
    • This particular design fits around roll bars and attaches with hook/loop and/or snaps sewn into net, we send sticky hook and loop for your vehicle, if you need snaps you must install
    • See dimensions in drawing or call for specifics or for redesign
    • Each net is custom to order and custom made to your specs
    • Many colors to choose from

  • Bull Ring - Retractable Tie Downs

    Bull Ring - Retractable Tie Downs

    • Mounts in stake pocket in 30 seconds with a Phillips Screwdriver
    • No drilling
    • Snaps up when you need it
    • Snaps down flush when not in use
    • 1000 lb capacity
    • Made with stainless steel
    • Made with OEM plastic top match trim
    • Warranted for the life of the truck

    SKU: 4001x
  • Pickup/SUV Shotgun Organizer

    Pickup/SUV Shotgun Organizer

    Features and Benefits
    • Fits most SUV's and pickup trucks
    • Made from heavy duty polyethylene
    • Removable and portable
    • Multi use - Contractors, Sportsmen, etc.
    • Includes gun rack/organizer kit
    • Holds 4 shotguns/rifles with or without scopes
    • 3 Lockable latches
    • Sealed lid helps keep out moisture and dust
    • Lifetime warranty

    SKU: 70103
  • Top Lid Tool Box

    Top Lid Tool Box

    • 1/8" Marine Grade Aluminum
    • Dimensions: 24" W x 12" H x 12" D
    • Gas Assisted Shocks
    • Aluminum Piano Style Hinges
    • Stainless Steel T-Grip Lock
    • Full-Length Lid Design
    • Watertight Seal
    SKU: 0712-XXX
  • SUV & Trunk Lock Up Box

    SUV & Trunk Lock Up Box

    • 4" Top Rail Boxes
    • Gladiator Style Lockup Box
    • Spray-On Bed Liner Material
    SKU: 4212-XXX
  • Single Door Kennel Box

    Single Door Kennel Box

    • Marine Grade Aluminum
    • In Truck or On the Ground Securiity
    • Custom Sizes Available, Call for Prices
    • Optional Diamondplate Storage
    • 24x26x24 small, 36x26x24 large
    SKU: 4113-XXX
  • Ford Transit Van Cargo Net

    Ford Transit Van Cargo Net

    • Transit nets are Made in Texas by hand~!!
    • Available in any size with any hardware configuration
    • Restrain bigger taller loads in the rear of your van
    • One-inch webbing and industrial-strength construction
    • White or Black Stitching, multiple colors available
    • Includes heavy duty snap hooks and cam tensioners in most cases, custom hardware is available.
    • Webbing alone boasts 3,000-pounds of breaking strength and 1,000-pounds of working load capacity.
    • This net comes with a money-back, 90-day warranty and will probably out live your vehicle.

    SKU: CN-FT2015
  • Agricover Access Toolbox Roll- Up Cover

    Agricover Access Toolbox Roll- Up Cover

  • ACCESS® Toolbox Edition is specially designed to fit behind most 19" - 21" over-the-rail toolboxes.
  • The Toolbox Edition Tonneau Cover Quickly And Easily Rolls Up To Compactly Fit Behind The Toolbox.
  • This Tonneau Includes A Sealing Header Bar That Forms A Tight Seal Between The Tonneau Cover And Toolbox.
  • Lifetime Warranty On All The Components And Fabric.
  • Autolatch System That Automatically Locks When Closing The Tonneau.
  • Slide Lock Is A Simple Sliding Action That Is Pulled To Unlock.

  • SKU: Access-x3

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