Honeycomb Headache Rack
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Honeycomb Headache Rack

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Product Description

Honeycomb™ headache racks are made from heavy gauge marine grade aluminum. The 1/8 inch cab guard insert is punched with a honeycomb tool and the side rails are tapered to match the contour of your pickup truck. The insert and side rails are fully adjustable so you can match the headache rack with the contour and height of your cab. Our press machine forms waves in headache rack insert that not only adds strength but also gives it a sophisticated look. These back racks have a a 750lbs load capacity and they will protect the rear cab window. This Honeycomb™ design deflects light coming in your cab without obstructing view going out. Our Honeycomb™ cab protectors are available in sizes that fit all pickup trucks and they come with our Lifetime Warranty.

  • 1/8" Rust Free Mirror Finish Aluminum
  • Honeycomb Mesh Design
  • Gas Assisted Shocks
  • Tapered Design
  • Optional LED Lights
  • Mounts, Brackets & Trays
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    • Fade-resistant color maintains its fashionable look year after year.
    • All mounting hardware is included.
    • Spidy Gear Web Cargo Nets are easy to install.
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    **NOTE**The TaleGator will not fit the Ford Ranger Flareside, the Ford Sport Trac, Ford vehicles equipped with a Tailgate Step, Chevy S10 Stepside, or any vehicle equipped with bed extend extenders or cargo systems located next to the tailgate. WILL NOT FIT trucks with an opening smaller than 51 " W x 17 " D.

    • The TALEGATOR seat bottom is specially formed and contoured with an air pocket in the bottom to provide a comfortable seat without adding foam or a cushion
    • Light weight (approximately 6 pounds)
    • Fits full or mid-size trucks with a simple trim. Compact size is in prototyping phase
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    • Ranger Nets are Made in the USA~!!
    • Available in any size
    • Restrain loads that come up above rail
    • Two-inch webbing and industrial-strength construction
    • Multiple colors available in max 2 color mix
    • Webbing alone boasts 6,000-pounds of breaking strength and 2,000-pounds of working load capacity.
    • It will probably out live your Ranger.

  • UTV Cargo Net

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  • 5th Wheel Flush Mount Truck Tool Box

    5th Wheel Flush Mount Truck Tool Box

    • Dimensions: depend on size bed
    • Aluminum Piano Style Hinge
    • Full-Length Lid Design
    • Gas Assisted Shocks
    • Removable Tool Tray
    • Stainless Steel T-Grip Lock
    • Watertight Seal
    • Welded Rope Hooks
    • Additional Tool Box Tray
    • Additional Transfer Tank
    SKU: 3022-00X
  • Pickup Pack

    Pickup Pack

    • Pickup Pack Low Entry Design
    • Stainless Steel T-Grip Latch
    • Tapered Design
    • Roller Coaster Cargo Slide for a Pickup Pack
    • Choice of FLAT or DOME hatch

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