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How I Made $20K in One Phone Call via My Website Selling Truck Accessories and Cargo Nets

Tweet If you’ve been wondering about starting up a small business, launching an internet site and being your own boss forever, let me tell you how I made $20K on the internet in one phone call selling truck accessories, namely cargo nets. I found a niche. I originally started making the CargoCatch in my garage, … Continue Reading »

New Heavy Duty Cargo Nets for Mercedes, Dodge Sprinter and Ford Transit Vans

Tweet Graham Custom Truck and specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of heavy duty cargo nets for all applications, especially trucks.  We have just recently added to and re-organized our van cargo net product line and have introduced new heavy duty cargo nets for Mercedes, Dodge Sprinter and Ford Transit Vans.  Please click here … Continue Reading »

5 Reasons to buy a CargoCatch Pickup Truck Bed Organizer over a Toolbox or a Cargo Net

Tweet Let’s face it, if you put a toolbox in your pickup truck, you better be doing construction or something similar.  If all you do is stash stuff in it or use it for the occasional grocery bag or two, you’re wasting time and money and honestly you come off looking like an idiot.  You … Continue Reading »

Custom Designed Cargo Nets for Trucks, SUV’s, Vans, Jeeps and Trailers that are DOT Compliant

Tweet We get calls all day long about cargo nets for trucks, vans, jeeps, SUV’s and trailers, including custom cargo net inquiries. That’s why, given the nature of the internet today, we’ve decided to downsize our company and concentrate solely on cargo nets, custom cargo nets, cargo carriers and related cargo products for cars, suv’s, motorcycle … Continue Reading »

Mercedes Hi-Top Sprinter Van Cargo Nets for Sale Custom Made to Your Specifications

Tweet We get a lot of calls these days about the Sprinter Van cargo nets, especially the hi-top, whether it be Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge Sprinter or Ford Transit.  Whatever it be, we have over 30 different designs for these vehicles alone and many more being designed as we speak.  We’ll custom make one for you based on your … Continue Reading »

CargoCatch Moves Graham Custom Truck Accessories Business to Roseville, California

Tweet Cargocatch and Graham Custom Truck have moved to a place right smack in the middle of our two old stomping grounds, Lake Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay Area.  From the California bubble town of Carpinteria to the beautiful and busy Roseville, California. Yep, it was as easy as that. We packed up a U-Haul truck at … Continue Reading »

Innovative Product Keeps Everything Intact in Pickup Truck Beds

Tweet FINALLY! The days of feeble attempts at pickup truck cargo management via bungee cords and other self-rigged apparatuses ARE OVER!!!!!!!!! The Cargocatch by Graham Custom Truck Accessories is sure to turn the “I’m sick and tired of things rolling around back there” pickup truck driver into a happy camper driving happy trails with lower blood pressure and a … Continue Reading »